Restorative Practice

The fundamental premise of restorative practices is that people are happier, more cooperative and productive, and more likely to make positive changes when those in authority do things with them, rather than to them or for them.

The field of restorative practices has significant implications for all aspects of classrooms and schools —  — because restorative practices can develop better relationships.  In schools, the use of restorative practices has been shown to reliably reduce misbehavior, bullying, violence and crime among students and improve the overall climate for learning.

Restorative practices concept has its roots in “restorative justice,” an Aboriginal way of looking at justice that focuses on repairing the harm done to people and relationships rather than on punishing.

Grade & Grad Coach

The Vision

  • All Aboriginal youth will have a supportive, knowledgeable adult (Grade or Grad Coach) who can coach them to succeed in school and beyond.

All Aboriginal students either individually or in groups from k – 9 will set SMART GOALS with an action plan and evidence of success using a strength based approach.  The High School Graduation Coach (gr 10 -1 2)  will provide assistance to all Aboriginal high school students, individually and in groups, regarding high school graduation options, pathways and completion. By analyzing data to identify students or subgroups with potential high school graduation risks through SMART GOAL setting,  planning, implementing, and tracking individual high school graduation plans; using a strength based approach to identifying and resolving barriers to graduation; and facilitating career, scholarships & post secondary choices and planning.

Aboriginal Guest/Protocols in classroom/schools

Recognize the accomplishments of successful Aboriginal people, through personal school/classroom visits and/or media, thus, inspiring Aboriginal youth to reach their goals

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