Dawson Creek Rural Catchment Areas

Pouce Coupe Catchment:

  • Northern boundary is the East Pouce Road to the BC-Alberta boundary.
  • Southern boundary is a line from the One Island Lake Road where it crosses the Kiskatinaw River, east to the BC-Alberta boundary.
  • Western boundary is the Wallace Road and all side-roads.  The boundary follows the East Pouce River north to its intersection with the East Pouce Road.
  • Eastern boundary is the BC-Alberta boundary, including portions of the Swan Lake watershed that extend into Alberta.


Devereaux Catchment:

  • Northern boundary is Ralph Road (210) with the exception of Mason/Semple Road (237).
  • Southern boundary is limit of the Upper Cutbank Road and all side roads extending west to the Brassey Creek Road.
  • Western boundary is the Livingstone Road (251) and all side roads.
  • Eastern boundary is Leach Road (235) running south to the Kiskatinaw River below Charlie’s Road (191).


Parkland Catchment:

  • Northern boundary includes the Gibbs/Newton (228) and Friesen (241) Roads (228) extending east to the confluence of the Peace and Kiskatinaw Rivers.
  • Southern boundary is the Kennedy Loop extending north along 237 Road turning east on the 214 Road to Fredrickson Road (227) where it turns north again.
  • Western boundary is the Kiskatinaw River from Kennedy Loop northwest, then following Braden Road and continuing north to Gibbs, Newton, and Friesen Roads.
  • Eastern boundary is north from Fredrickson Road (227A) following the Kiskatinaw River to include the Triangle Road.


McLeod Catchment:

  • Northern boundary is all side-roads north of Smithard Road (216) including Willow Valley Road and Wrangler Road (214).
  • Southern boundary is all residences south of the John Hart Highway.
  • Western boundary is the bridge at East Pine.
  • Eastern boundary is the 253 Road.


Municipal Catchment of Rural Students


Frank Ross Catchment:

  • Is the east side of an extension of 15th street in a line running north to Sweetwater Road, and then west along the Sweetwater Road to the 231 Road, and then north to the confluence of the Kiskatinaw and Peace Rivers.
  • The northern boundary is the Peace River running east to the BC-Alberta border.
  • The eastern boundary is the BC-Alberta border from the Peace River, running south to the Pouce Coupe River where it crosses the BC-Alberta border.
  • The southern boundary is the Pouce River to the BC-Alberta border and then the catchment follows the north side of Highway 49 returning to the boundary of EFR’s city catchment.
  • (Students living along Highway 49 running west to the Pouce River are not part of the Frank Ross catchment.


Crescent Park Catchment:

  • Is the west side of an extension of 15th street in a line running north to Sweetwater Road, then running west to 235 road and south to the John Hart Highway, including Reidell subdivision. 
  • The catchment follows the north side of the highway returning to the boundary of CP’s city catchment.


Canalta Catchment:

  • Is the south side of the John Hart Highway going west to the 235 Road, continuing south to Bear Mountain.  The Bear Mountain catchment area includes the side-roads of the South Dawson Road (227), east to 17th St., including Ski Hill Loop and McKinnon Sub.


Tremblay Catchment:

  • Is all residences east of 17th St/Ski Hill Road., and south of Highway #2 to Berry Road.  This includes the residences along Berry Road, Peterson and Loiselle subdivisions.



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