Dawson Creek Rural Catchment Areas


Pouce Coupe Catchment:

  • Northern boundary is the East Pouce River where it crosses the BC-Alberta boundary.
  • Southern boundary is a line from the One Island Lake Road where it crosses the Kiskatinaw River, east to the BC-Alberta boundary.
  • Western boundary is the Wallis Road and all side-roads.  The boundary follows the East Pouce River north to its intersection with the BC-Alberta boundary.
  • Eastern boundary is the BC-Alberta boundary, including portions of the Swan Lake watershed that extend into Alberta.


Devereaux Catchment:

  • Northern boundary is Ralph Road (210) with the exception of Mason/Semple Road (237).
  • Southern boundary is limit of the Upper Cutbank Road and all side roads extending west to the Brassey Creek Road.
  • Western boundary is the Livingstone Road (251) and all side roads.
  • Eastern boundary is Leach Road (235) running south to the Kiskatinaw River below Charlie’s Road (191).


Parkland Catchment:

  • Northern boundary includes the Gibbs/Newton (228) and Friesen (241) Roads (228) extending east to the confluence of the Peace and Kiskatinaw Rivers.
  • Southern boundary is the Kennedy Loop extending north along 237 Road turning east on the 214 Road to Fredrickson Road (227) where it turns north again.
  • Western boundary is the Kiskatinaw River from Kennedy Loop northwest, then following Braden Road and continuing north to Gibbs, Newton, and Friesen Roads.
  • Eastern boundary is north from Fredrickson Road (227A) following the Kiskatinaw River to include the Triangle Road.


McLeod Catchment:

  • Northern boundary is all side-roads north of Smithard Road (216) including Willow Valley Road and Wrangler Road (214).
  • Southern boundary is all residences south of the John Hart Highway.
  • Western boundary is the bridge at East Pine.
  • Eastern boundary is the 253 Road.


 Revised: June 27, 2018


Municipal Catchment of Rural Students


Frank Ross Catchment:

  • Is the east side of an extension of 15th street in a line running north to the Peace River.
  • The northern boundary is the Peace River running east to the BC-Alberta border.
  • The eastern boundary is the BC-Alberta border from the Peace River, running south to the Pouce Coupe River where it crosses the BC-Alberta border.
  • The southern boundary is the Pouce River to the BC-Alberta border and then the catchment follows the north side of Highway 49 returning to the boundary of EFR’s city catchment.

(Students living along Highway 49 running west to the Pouce River are not part of the Frank Ross catchment.)


Crescent Park Catchment:

  • Is the west side of an extension of 15th street in a line running north to the Peace River.
  • The western boundary is the 227 Road north of the Alaska Highway.
  • South of the Alaska Highway the boundary is the 235 Road south to the John Hart Highway, including Reidell subdivision
  • The catchment follows the north side of the highway returning to the boundary of CP’s city catchment.


Canalta Catchment:

  • Is the south side of the John Hart Highway going west to the 235 Road, continuing south to Bear Mountain.  The Bear Mountain catchment area includes the side-roads of the South Dawson Road (227), east to 17th St., including Ski Hill Loop and McKinnon Sub.


Tremblay Catchment:

  • Is all residences east of 17th St/Ski Hill Road., and south of Highway #2 to Berry Road.  This includes the residences along Berry Road, Peterson and Loiselle subdivisions.



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