Forensics and a Murder Mystery in the Classroom at Crescent Park Elementary

CPE Murder Mystery
CPE Murder Mystery
CPE Murder Mystery

Intermediate students at Crescent Park are participating in a Forensics unit, focused on a murder mystery. Principal Cynthia Percy put her artistic talent to work by creating a series of scenes, which are acted out in the school. 

There are 13 other scenes involving characters, whose parts are played by staff members.  The students will study the evidence from fingerprints, blood spatter, foot prints, mysterious powder experiments and from the scenes and testimonies from the witnesses to write descriptive paragraphs and reports about their suspects.  When the top suspects are determined students will be able to ask three questions in order to determine motive and opportunity.  Students will have to cite their evidence and responses from suspects to write up the solution to the mystery.

This event is also helping to build community between intermediate students and other teachers in the school.

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