English 10  Students will explore and study literature in the forms of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, short stories, novels and media. The skill of essay writing will also be introduced.

English 11  This course is designed to encourage students to communicate effectively in written, spoken, and visual forms, and develop positive attitudes toward language learning.  Students will explore and study literature with a variety of reading and writing activitites in the forms of novels, short stories, poetry, media and oral presentations. 

English 12   The content of this course is divided between literature and language study. The literature section of the course deals with non-fiction, short stories, drama and poetry. All basic literary terms are reviewed. The language study section of the course deals with vocabulary, note taking, paragraph and essay writing, study skills, and exam preparation.


Focused Literary Studies 10  Students interested in the literature of a particular era, geographical area, theme or in the study of literature in general will enjoy this course.  It allows students to delve more deeply into literature as they explore specific themes, periods, authors, or areas of the world through literary works in a variety of media.  Students will have the choice of a range of literary topics that allows them to follow their passion as well as the chance to increase their literary skills and develop a balanced and more broad understanding of themselves and the world.  Students will receive 2 credits for successful completion of this course.  


Creative Writing 10   This course is designed for students who have an interest in creative expression through language. The course provides students with in-depth opportunities to become better writers through the exploration of personal and cultural identities, memories, and stories in a wide range of genres. Within a supportive community of writers, students will collaborate and develop their skills through writing and design processes. This course is intentionally grounded in the exploration and application of writing processes, inviting students to express themselves creatively as they experiment with, reflect on, extend, and refine their writing.  Students will receive 2 credits for successful completion of this course. 


New Media 10  The role of technology in today's society is ever changing and this course has been designed to reflect the increasing importance of digital media in communicating and exchanging ideas.  New Media 10 recognizes that digital literacy is an esential characteristic of the educated citizen.  Coursework is aimed at providing students with a set of skills vital for success in an increasingly complex digital world by affording opportunities to demonstrate understanding and communicate ideas through a variety of digital and print media.  Students will receive 2 credits for successful completion of this course. 


Communications 11  This course offers students a chance to refresh or improve on their English skills;  vocabulary and transitions, punctuation, reading skills, sentence and paragraph structure, plus essay development.  


Communications 12   Communication is something we all do consciously or unconsciously every day of our lives. We communicate verbally when we interact with people face to face or on the phone. We communicate through writing via the computer, text messaging, or in documents we create. We also communicate non-verbally through our body language and facial expressions, as well as through images we create. The goal of Communications 12 is to help you examine and improve upon the various communication skills you use in the workplace and in everyday life. In doing so, you will explore mass media, information, and literary communications.


Creative Writing 12   For many hundreds of years, literature has been one of the most important human art forms. It allows us to give voice to our emotions, create imaginary worlds, express ideas, and escape the confines of material reality. Through creative writing, we can come to understand ourselves and our world a little bit better. This course provides students with a solid grounding in the writing process, from finding inspiration to building a basic story to using complicated literary techniques and creating strange hybrid forms of poetic prose and prose poetry. By the end of this course, students will learn how to discover their creative thoughts and turn those ideas into fully realized pieces of creative wri

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