Foundations and Pre Calculus 10   The big ideas offered in this course include: Proportional Comparisons, Linear Relations and Analyzing Data.  Concepts discussed in this course provide students with a firm foundation on which to build in Grade 11 and 12 Mathematics courses.

Pre Calculus 11  This content rich course offers students the chance to become knowledgable in; Proportional Comparisons, Functions and Algebraic Expressions.

Pre Calculus 12   Learn about Inverse Operations, Characteristics of Functions, Transformations and Geometrical Thinking in Mathematics. Successful completion of Pre-Calculus 12 may be a University requirement for some programs.


Apprenticeship and Workplace 10   This course will meet the requirements for those wishing to pursue most apprenticeships. It will address the big ideas of:
Proportional comparisons, Measurement and Conversions, Basic Geometry and Trigonometry, and Surface Area and Volume in a practical context.

Apprenticeship and Workplace 11   This course addresses the big ideas of:  Proportional Relationships, Financial Decision Making, Spatial Relationships and Statistical Analysis.


Foundations 11   Throughout this course students will address the big ideas of:  Proportional Comparisons, Quadratic Functions, Logical Reasoning and Statistical Analysis.

Foundations 12   Examine the ideas of Combinatorics, Functions in Modelling Data, Logical Reasoning and Spatial Relationships.  Successful completion of a Foundations of Mathematics 12 may be a College or University requirement for some programs.

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