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Don Titus Montessori is a small rural elementary school which has just over a hundred students and a family like atmosphere. Don Titus Montessori School, established in 2013, is a dynamic and community-minded School of Choice located in Chetwynd, BC. We have a strong and cohesive team of teachers and administration, with a passion for helping students learn to think creatively, solve problems independently, and respect themselves and others. Don Titus Montessori School flows with positive energy and enthusiasm, as the collective group of independent and inspired students work with our talented and enthusiastic teachers and support staff to develop a bright future. Our school’s moto is “Where Kids Learn To Shine!”

Our school follows both the BC curriculum and the Montessori style of learning, delivering material in a manner designed to spark imagination, build self-esteem and help children discover new things each day.

Don Titus Montessori School enjoys a robust relationship with our parents and caregivers, with many opportunities for enhanced classroom activities with volunteers and funding from the Parent Advisory Group. We also maintain a strong presence within the community, and regularly engage in local activities and field trips.

Don Titus Montessori School’s classrooms are well lit and spacious, with a brand-new playground and large playing field immediately adjacent to the school. Our library is stocked with fresh and enticing materials, including STEM kits and makerspace supplies. There is ample opportunity for teachers to engage students with new technology and teaching materials within the school, as well as via support from our community.

Don Titus Montessori School is located within the town of Chetwynd, BC, with a population of approximately 2,600. The town experiences all four seasons – from beautiful, warm summers, amazingly colourful autumn, snowy winters, and fresh, sunny springs. Although the seasonal temperatures vary, the clear blue skies and sunshine throughout the year brings beauty to even the coldest days. There are significant opportunities for outdoor sports and recreation year-round, and many local clubs and groups for special interests. Real estate opportunities are also abundant.

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Erase is all about building safe and caring school communities. This includes empowering students, parents, educators and the community partners who support them to get help with challenges, report concerns to schools, and learn about complex issues facing students.

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