School Directory

Dawson Creek & Area
School Languages Phone Number Fax Number Administrators
Canalta Elementary English 250-782-8403 250-782-3204 Wanda Mcintyre
Crescent Park Elementary English 250-782-8412 250-782-3204 Amanda Roberts
Dawson Creek Secondary (Central Campus) English, French 250-784-7676 250-784-7670 Diana Lindstrom, Cynthia Percy
Dawson Creek Secondary (South Peace Campus) English, French 250-782-5585 250-782-7221 Josh Kurjata, Brad Booker, Judy Eagles
Devereaux Elementary English 250-843-7300 250-843-7300 Orycia Richer
École Frank Ross Elementary English, French 250-782-5206 250-782-3204 Shaun Henry, Jeffrey Corcoran
McLeod Elementary English 250-843-7374 250-843-7374 Danyell Dutka
Parkland Elementary English 250-843-7777 250-843-7777 Joanne Dueck
Peace View Elementary English 250-789-2280 250-789-2280 Renee Elliott
Pouce Coupe Elementary English 250-786-5314 250-782-3204 Jennifer Sutherland
South Peace Distributed Learning English 250-782-5585 250-784-7221 Josh Kurjata
South Peace Elementary English 250-219-1095 250-782-3204 Paul Chisholm
Tremblay Elementary English 250-782-8147 250-782-7043 Shawnese Trottier, Randy Parr
School Languages Phone Number Fax Number Administrators
Chetwynd Secondary English 250-788-2267 250-788-9729 Chris Mason, Shari Henry
Don Titus Montessori English 250-788-2531 250-782-3204 Daun Newman
Little Prairie Elementary English 250-788-1924 250-788-1923 Margot Mckinley, Christi Fowler
Moberly Lake Elementary English 250-788-2574 250-788-2574 Anneli Duncan
Windrem Elementary English 250-788-2528 250-788-3894 Lauri Mason
Tumbler Ridge
School Languages Phone Number Fax Number Administrators
Tumbler Ridge Elementary English 250-242-5281 250-782-3204 Kim Ferguson
Tumbler Ridge Secondary English 250-242-4227 250-242-3600 Ryan McGuire
School is not in session over the summer break! Students return to school on Wednesday, September 4, 2019, starting 2 hours late, and ending 1 hour early.
The StrongStart program does not run over the summer break. The program resumes on Wednesday, September 11, 2019.