Back to Class

Hopefully everyone has enjoyed their summer.  Teachers and staff are starting prepare to get back into their classes.  We will be welcoming students back September 9th.  The first day of school will start 2 hours late and end 1 hour early from regularly schedule school times.  Please contact your child's school for information on school times or registration information for new students.  For new students please see School Catchment Information to find out which school your child should register at.

Please pay extra attention if you're driving near schools starting September 9th.

2015 Focus On Learning Magazine

The annual Focus on Learning magazine is published and full of articles about student education.  View the online version or make sure to pick up your hard copy at any school. 

Go Cart Derby - Project Based Learning

Students at Devereaux Elementary and Pouce Coupe Elementary finally faced off for the Go Cart Derby Challenge.  The students started out the year researching, designing, constructing templates, revising their prototype, and finally building their ultimate go cart.  Each school had experts come into their classes to talk about and help with specific parts of the project.  Laura Craig, SD59 Elementary Career Coordintor and Brad Booker, District Vice-Principal of Career Programs also played a key role in the project by working with the students to link all their learning back to discovering various trades and allowing the students the opportunity to get hands on experience. 

Funding was provided by Industry Training Authority (ITA) YES 2 IT program.  ITA also created a video to showcase youth experiencing the trades.  Check out the video on YouTube.

SD59 would also like to thank all the local sponsors for helping with the project.

3 Year School Calendar Approved

The Board of Education of School District No.59 approved a three year school calendar at the March board meeting.  Having a three year calendar allows parents, staff, and organizations to plan future events around designated breaks and non-instructional days.  However, the board does have the authority to revise and submit a new calendar to the Ministry if completed by March 31st prior to the commencement of each new school year.  The Board advises anyone looking at planning activities throughout the three years to consult the current calendar for that time period after the March 31st date.




Non Instructional Day - District Based

Curriculum Implementation Day


First Day of School

School starts two hours late and ends one hour early.


Board Meeting

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Board Meeting

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Board Meeting

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Board Meeting

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The StrongStart program does not run over the summer break. The program resumes on Tuesday, September 8, 2015.