Work Experience

Work Experience provides students with opportunities to apply classroom learning to the world of work. Students learn new skills and gain valuable career experiences that go beyond what students learn in school. Work Experience helps students explore various career interests and prepares students for the transition from secondary school to post-secondary education and employment.

Students earn high school credits for time spent in their placement or on the job.  Do you have a job already?  Contact the WEX teacher at your school and start earning high school credits.  If you don't have a job, the WEX Coordinator will help find a placement in a field you are interested in. 

Students may use one or a combination of all three of the below pathways to satisfy their WEX12 requirements:

  • Non Paid Work Placement (set up through the WEX Coordinator)
    • Non-paid professional placement at a worksite where the students are given the opportunity to participate in, observe or learn about the performance of tasks and responsibilities related to that career. 
  • Paid Employment (Part-time jobs)
    • Students may use their current part-time jobs. A Training Plan must be submitted before hours can be approved. Any employment opportunity can be used for work experience (restaurants, gas station, retail, etc.). 
  • Career Experiences (see your WEX Coordinator) 
    • Various career experiences offered through your school's Career Center.
    • See your WEX Coordinator for opportunities and completed hours. 
      • Project Placements 
      • Job Shadows 
      • Volunteer Positions
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