Pouce Coupe Elementary

Pouce Coupe Intermediate Supply List 2020-21

Grades 4-7

-24 pencils (good quality, not foil wrapped)

-1 pencil sharpener

-1 package of pencil crayons (12 minimum)

-2 black thin tip outlining sharpies

-1 package thin tip markers

-4 highlighters (assorted colours)

-4 Red pens

-4 Blue pens

-1 Ruler (with cm and in)

-1 pair of scissors

-4 glue sticks

-1 pencil case that closes

-1 pack lined paper

-2 white erasers

-1 pair of inside shoes (non-marking)

-1 calculator

-1 box of Kleenex (for the class to share)

-2 coil bound notebooks (150 pages)

-10 duotangs (3 prongs)

-1 pair of headphones


Please make sure names are on all supplies.

Supplies may need to be replenished throughout the year.

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