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In addition to the School District 59 protocols, please read our procedures below regarding our school:



  1. If students are unable to follow the protocols after reminders, for the safety of others, they may be asked to go home.


We ask for your patience and understanding as we work through the school re-opening process. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us.



  1. Drop-off    8:45-8:50 


Avoid sending students before 8:45 as there will not be any play time before school.


All school doors will be locked throughout the day with no public access, so being on time is imperative.


Teachers will be waiting at a designated area outside near the entrance that their students typically enter. The initial of their last name will be there to identify their area (T for Tobin, L for Leuze etc.).  There will be dots marked off in 2-meter increments where students will stand.  For the Schwabs, Mr. Schwab’s area will be close to his classroom window while Mrs. Schwab’s area will be along Monkman near the fish on the fence.


Please come to the school grounds prior to June 2nd and see where your child/children will meet their teacher to avoid confusion on their first day back!


Adults also need to respect social distancing.  Please do not loiter and leave once your child is on a dot in the correct area. You may also be sending your child/children on their own however, it is imperative that they know where they are going to meet their teacher and that they respect each other’s space.


  1. Bikes/Scooters


If your child is riding a bike/scooter to school, please note the closest bike rack to your child’s morning line up, as this is where they will lock up their bikes. Please remind them ahead of time that they need to social distance when parking their bikes at the racks. This means they must wait their turn if someone is parking their bike when they arrive.




  1. Dismissal 2:20 – 2:31


Teachers will take their students to their designated areas outside between the above times. If you have communicated to the teacher that your child/children are walking home, they will leave. If you are picking them up, they will be waiting at their area with their teacher.  To assist with social distancing please leave as soon as you pick up your child/children. 


Students will not be allowed to linger on the playground or school fields after 2:31.


  1. Recess and Lunch times


Times will be staggered to avoid congestion outside.  Depending on the day of the week, there will only be about 30 students outside at once. 


Students will be washing their hands before and after going outside to play.  Students will be reminded to social distance while playing and especially when the playground equipment opens.



  1. Lunch Time


  • Microwaves and water fountains will NOT be available.  Water bottles are a must.


  • Please send food and snacks that are quickly eaten as students will not be allowed to take food outside with them for recess or lunch recess.


  • Lunches must arrive with the student and no one will be getting lunch delivered.


  • Containers must be labelled and please send forks and spoons with your child/children if needed as we are not providing these at this time.



  1. Hand Sanitizer


Soap and water will be our primary source for cleaning students’ hands. However, if you are wanting to send hand sanitizer it must be SCENT FREE.


Teachers have emailed parents regarding the days in which their child/children will be attending.












May 26, 2020
Dear Families, Students, Staff and Community:
On June 2, 2020, SD 59 is moving into yet another stage of the BC Education Restart Plan.  June 1, 2020 will find our teachers engaged in professional development as published in the 2019/20 school calendar. On June 2, 2020, we will be welcoming more students into our schools and hope their experience will be engaging and filled with positive and fun learning.

We are pleased to announce that we will be opening playgrounds effective June 2, 2020.  We will be posting signage indicating that playgrounds will be reserved for school use only during the school day with information about physical distancing.  It will be noted that no special cleaning of equipment will occur.  Health and safety protocols for use of playgrounds during the school day are included in our updated protocol.

To align with Stage 3 of the BC Education Restart Plan, we have developed new health and safety protocols, again referencing the recommended health and safety protocols for staff and students.  The new protocol will be available at the school and posted on the school district website.  The health and safety of your child and our staff remains our first priority.  Schools will develop and communicate the procedures for students and staff in line with the protocols for safe operation of the school.  There may be signage to help direct traffic and classrooms will be set up to simplify physical distancing recommendations.

Schools have been gathering information about which students will be attending in June and which students will require busing. Students in Kindergarten to Grade 5 will have the option to attend two days per week while students in Grades 6-12 will have the option to attend one day per week.  Schools will be communicating with parents about which days their child will attend and the requirement to assess the health of their child before sending them to school.

As I stated earlier, at-home learning will continue to occur for those students not choosing on-site instruction.  Teachers will be balancing the delivery of instruction for students at home and at school for the month of June.  They will continue to provide work for students at home, however, their contact time with children at home may be reduced.  Teachers will have Wednesdays available to focus on the students who continue to learn from home.
Schools will continue to be closed to the public. If you need to make an appointment to meet with a teacher or principal, please make arrangements ahead of time by contacting the school via e-mail or phone.  Outside drop off and pick up routines will be communicated by each school.

Please address any questions you might have to your school principal.  I always thank you for your patience and I do so again.  The constant change in the past ten weeks have been a challenge for all of us and the uncertainty continues.  We will continue to communicate with you and work through any issues that might arise as we enter into Stage 3 of the Education Restart Plan.

Candace Clouthier
Superintendent SD 59 Peace River South

May 15, 2020

Dear Families, Students, Staff and Community: 

I want to provide you with an update to my letter from earlier this week.  You may be aware that Premier Horgan and Education Minister Fleming held a press conference this morning outlining the plan for students to return to school on a part-time basis in June.  The return for students will be a choice for parents.  If you choose to keep your child at home for the remainder of this school year, your child will continue to receive their school program from home.

At the district level, we will begin planning to put in place the recommended health and safety protocols for staff and students.  The health and safety of your child and our staff remains our first priority.

While at this time, we do not have specific details of what the rest of the plan will be for June in SD 59, I and school principals will continue to keep you up to date.  We need to gather information and coordinate the part-time education of your child, addressing numbers in the classroom and school, busing, staffing, and addressing health and safety.  You will be hearing from principals or teachers to ask if you are going to send your child to school on a part-time basis in June.  Following that, we will be communicating with you, the plan and schedule for what the part-time education will be in each school.  At home learning will continue to occur but may look a bit different, as teachers welcome students back into the classroom.

The first day for part-time education in schools will begin on June 2, 2020.  Staff will be engaged in a non-instructional day for June 1, 2020 as published in the 2019/20 school calendar.

Please address any questions you might have to your school principal.  I want to thank teachers, principals and all staff as they work to once again to define a new different way of offering education.  I thank you for your patience as we move into yet another stage of the K-12 Education Restart Plan.


Candace Clouthier

Superintendent SD 59 Peace River South

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In consideration of the health and safety of our employees and community members, StrongStart Programs across School District No. 59 are not providing in-class or in-program face-to-face services at this time.  Our indoor playgrounds and play areas are closed.  Please connect with your StrongStart’s Facebook page as well as the School District No. 59 website (https://www.sd59.bc.ca) for updated information.