Head Lice Management

Important Notice to Parents/Guardians

Re: Head Lice

Dear Parent:

Reminder:   Head lice is a continuing problem and you should be checking your child’s hair on a regular basis. Head lice do not carry disease and are not an indication of uncleanliness or a reflection on personal hygiene.

However, if head lice or nits (eggs) are found in your child’s hair it is

important that your child is treated before returning to school or taking

part in social events, in order to prevent the spread of lice to other families.

Examine all other members of the family to see if lice or nits (eggs) are

present. Then treat only those infested persons. Please follow one of the

recommendations outlined in the booklet from Northern Health

Removing all visible nits will ensure successful treatment.

If you have any further questions or concerns please contact Northern

Health at 250-719-6500 or visit the Northern Health website at


PAC Sponsored:  Lice Treatment Kits are available at the office Please contact Robin if you need one.  Thank you!

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