Dawson Creek Secondary (Central Campus)

Please follow these steps if you are arriving early:

1. Students enter school through Cohort door

2. Report to Cohort Station (not your locker!)

a. Cohort 1 & 3: Library

b. Cohort 2 & 4: Cafeteria

3. Cohort 1 & 3: release time: 8:35 am (class begins 8:40 am)

Cohort 2 & 4: release time: 8:45 am (class begins 8:50 am)

3. Go to locker if necessary

4. Proceed to class

No hanging out at lockers; be prepared: please wear and/or have a mask ready at all times.

Help Dawson stay healthy and safe!

Thank you!

We have been handing out temporary and reusable masks since September: please bring your mask to school. Make it visible and be safe. Thank you. 


Parent/Teacher Interviews are fast approaching and on November 18th and 19th students will be dismissed early to conduct interviews.  Report cards for students at Central Campus will not be mailed out until after the early dismissal times but that doesn’t mean that we still can’t connect!

 The focus for our teaching staff will be to try and connect with the parents/guardians of the students who are at risk and struggling in their classes first.  However, we encourage all parents to reach out to your child’s teacher directly or to the office to let us know that you would like to have a conversation with your child’s teacher.

 Our plan is to use the early dismissal time on the 18th and 19th to make phone calls or have video interviews with parents.  If you wish to have an in person meeting you will need to book those meetings with administration.  With the COVID protocols that are in place we are limited in regard to the number of people in the building as well as ensuring adherence to the additional protocols that are in place for entering and exiting the building.

 We look forward to connecting with you.

 DCSS Staff

Dear students, parents/guardians. Central Admin is now in the process of organizing lockers for student use. Students will have access to lockers early next week. Please note that there will be necessary H&S protocols and expectations associated with access and use of lockers. Thank you for your patience in relation to lockers -- we are pleased to take this cooperative step with students. Protocols and expectations will be communicated out next week.

Erase Bullying

Erase is all about building safe and caring school communities. This includes empowering students, parents, educators and the community partners who support them to get help with challenges, report concerns to schools, and learn about complex issues facing students.

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Due to COVID-19 restrictions, please book your visit with your StrongStart Facilitator.