Ecole Frank Ross has had students participating in a wide variety of athletic and community building activities through September and October. One of the highlights from September was our Terry Fox run and associated activities. One such activity was the “Tape your Principal and Vice-Principal to the Wall” for Terry event. Students purchased a length(s) of duct tape and then contributed to taping the admin to the wall outside. The students were successful, and the fundraising was successful, EFR raised nearly 2500$. We also had 30+ students participate in x-country running this year, with many medalists at the final district race! There are many options happening for students after school at EFR, including a developing band with Ms. Kurjata, Art club with Ms. major and Mr. MacCallum, Volleyball with Ms. Zhang and Mr. Bowles, as well as a return of the EFR social justice club. Several classes also enjoyed learning to canoe and outdoor education at Swan Lake.

This month the school held it’s second spirit day plus assembly celebrating the bulldog qualities (Kind, Calm, Determined, Courageous). The focus was on kindness and we were able to showcase some of our fantastic students with bulldog awards, Mrs. deWaard’s class shared two poems of kindness and Ms. Kurjata and the band led the whole school in a re-work of the Beatles song, Hey Bulldog (Lyrics re-written by Ms. kurjata) 50% of the students heard and sang the song for the first time at the assembly! The students were also introduced to Frank the Bulldog, our new mascot! These assemblies will continue each month!



Report cards are changing this year to align with the curriculum and to help ensure that every student in the province is set up for success in their learning.  You may remember getting a letter grade or percentage at the end of a chapter in your textbook or after a test, signalling to you that learning had come to an end. Today we know that learning doesn’t stop when students hand in an assignment or complete a test. That’s why students in Kindergarten to Grade 9 will receive marks on a four-point proficiency scale, instead of receiving letter grades starting this school year. Students in Grades 10-12 will still receive a letter grade and percentage to support their entry into post-secondary education. Report cards for all students will now also include self-reflection and goal setting, as well as descriptive feedback.

These changes mean that report cards may not look the same as when you were in school or may look different from what you received for your child last year. However, you can trust that the information you will receive will provide a complete picture of what your child can do, where they need to improve, and how you can support their learning.

The following video outlines the changes to communication student learning and the new reporting order.  You can learn more about the changes on the Ministry of Education and Child Care’s website by going to


Our report card this year will look different than it has in the past.  The Ministry of Education is sending out a booklet about what the changes will be and why this change is happening.  Look for this in your child’s backpack in early October.

Further to the PAC info session last month, there will be another information session later in October via zoom. An email will be sent to all families with the link. If you have questions you can send them to Mr. Henry, Mrs. Haugen, or the school board office. You may also want to check out the information on the BC Ministry of Education and Childcare website below.

Our School District does not provide accident insurance coverage for student injuries that occur on school property or during school activities including extracurricular sports.

Each year, many families spend thousands of dollars when their children are injured at school, while participating in non-school activities, or at home. If a student is injured, parent(s)/guardian(s) are responsible for any costs not covered by their Government Health Insurance Plan or their employer’s health care plan. Please check with your provider regarding your coverage.

Most accident-related expenses are not fully covered under GHIP and some expenses like ambulance fees, casts, crutches, physiotherapy and emergency dental care are usually not covered at all. This leaves you, the parent/guardian, financially responsible.

To help protect your family, it is recommended that you consider obtaining student accident insurance.  As a convenience to you, the District has made an arrangement to offer student accident insurance through insuremykids®. Participation is voluntary but highly recommended and the costs are to be paid by the parent/guardian. The program is available for students up to age 26.

If you wish to purchase coverage, please do so directly online at or call 1-800-463-5437. The insurance agreement is between You and the insurance underwriter, Old Republic Insurance Company of Canada. For more information, please visit

Erase Bullying

Erase is all about building safe and caring school communities. This includes empowering students, parents, educators and the community partners who support them to get help with challenges, report concerns to schools, and learn about complex issues facing students.

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