Nutrition Policy

Nutrition in Schools-Highlights of Regulation 4250

  1. School policy governing the sale of food during all school-sanctioned events shall be based on nutritional guidelines described in the most recent version of Guidelines for Food and Beverage Sales in BC Schools: Ministry of Education & Ministry of Health
    • At least 50% of food items sold shall be selected from the Choose Most category.
    • Up to 50% (maximum) of food items may be selected from the Choose Sometimes category.
    • Items from the Choose Least and Not Recommended list shall not be sold in schools.
  2. PACs and school Groups that are conducting fundraising activities outside of school-sanctioned events may include the sale of items from the Choose Least and Not Recommended categories.
  3. During special events in schools such as celebrations or school ceremonies, food may be provided that would not ordinarily be served under the school's nutritional guidelines. School policy shall include the criteria of a special event and to guide the selection of food and beverages. In particular, the criteria to guide the selection of food and beverages when it is given to students and not sold.
  4. Schools shall also:
    • Eliminate the advertising of food and beverages that fall into the Choose Least and Not Recommended categories.
    • Ensure that the food options provided under contract, or by an outside commercial enterprise meet regulation requirements.

Healthy Eating and Good Nutrition impacts a child's physical well-being and ability to attend and learn in school. Therefore, at Ecole Frank Ross, the following has been developed to align itself to the district policy.

  • All foods sold to students shall adhere to the Foods from the Serve Most category and Serve Sometimes category. Our hot lunch program shall align itself to these categories.
  • PAC fundraising is normally done once or twice a year at Ecole Frank Ross. These fundraisers may include the sale of items from the Choose Least or Not Recommended categories such as the selling of Purdy's chocolates.
  • Special Occasions are an integral part of Ecole Frank Ross. It has been decided by staff and parents that foods from the Serve Most and Serve Sometimes list will be allowed at Hallowe'en, Christmas, Valentine's Day and Easter. Items from the Choose Least or Not Recommended categories will not be allowed.
  • The school will not support the distribution of items from the Choose Sometimes, Choose Least and Not Recommended categories to celebrate a special day for a child. An example of this is, cakes or cupcakes, candies, licorice etc that are sent to school to celebrate a child's birthday. If this happens, we will ask parents to come to the school to pick up the items. To avoid such an unpleasant experience for both child, class and school, we ask that all parents adhere to this request. We understand how important a birthday is to a child. If you are sending items to school, please send items from the Serve Most Category only.
  • We encourage parents to provide nutritional snacks, lunches and drinks for their children. Please avoid providing soft drinks, high sugar content juices, chips etc in lunches. So often, we see children coming to school with coffee lattes, slurpees etc. We would like to discourage these at school.

Special Celebrations

At Ecole Frank Ross there are four special events that will allow items given to students or sold to students from Choose least and Not Recommended categories.

  • At Carnaval, the cultural tradition of making taffy out of maple syrup will be allowed and given to students so they could have a taste of French culture.
  • At Tombola - a major fundraiser for French Speaking students, the cake walk will be allowed to take place. The French Cafe however will attempt to serve from the Serve Most Category and Serve Sometime Category.
  • At the Grade 7 breakfast at the end of the year, foods served will be from the Serve Most and Serve Sometimes list ( i.e. syrup for pancakes will be allowed).
  • End of Year Track Meets/Fun Day - fruit/popsicles will be allowed.

Physical Well Being of Children

Obesity in children is growing at an alarming rate.

We encourage all students to play outdoors before school, at recess and lunch during outside days. During inside days, activities in the gym are offered at recess and at lunch. Please ensure that your child(ren) are dressed appropriately for the weather as they leave home to go to school.

Ecole Frank Ross is adhering to the Ministry Guidelines of providing daily p.e. for our students in the form of physical education classes, daily bursts, intramurals and special events like Jump Rope for Heart.

Lessons on Healthy Eating, Proper Nutrition and living a balanced lifestyle are taught to students within the curriculums of Science, P.E. or Health and Careers.

Erase Bullying

Erase is all about building safe and caring school communities. This includes empowering students, parents, educators and the community partners who support them to get help with challenges, report concerns to schools, and learn about complex issues facing students.

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