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Learn- Bank of Canada Museum - We make learning about the economy fun, with resources available to suit your curriculum. Find resources by grade or type—and be sure to read our Education Blog.
Topics include: Representing Money in Many Ways, Your role in the Canadian Economy, many resources. Resources by grade: K-4, 5-8 and 9-12

youcubed - "Our main goal is to inspire, educate and empower teachers of mathematics, transforming the latest research on math learning into accessible and practical forms."

Starting with the Beginning - Early Learning, planting the seed.

Math Lessons that Build Number Sense - unlocking mathematical reasoning with estimation

Number Talk Images - a collaborative project dedicated to gathering interesting images to be used as a launching point for number talks.

Visual Patterns - What is the equation?

Link to SNAP Assessments   SNAP Assessments

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Bubble Sheets - Grade K    Bubble Sheets - Grade 4

Bubble Sheets - Grade 1    Bubble Sheets - Grade 5

Bubble Sheets - Grade 2    Bubble Sheets - Grade 6

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Marian Small 
a Canadian educational researcher, academic, author, and public speaker. She has co-authored mathematics textbooks used in Canada, Austria, and the United States, and is a proponent of a constructivist approach to mathematical instruction within K–12 classrooms.

Carole Fullerton 
has taught in elementary and secondary classrooms in British Columbia and Ontario in both English and French. A passionate mathematician, Carole has given presentations at Canadian, US, and international conferences on mathematical thinking, visualizing, and reasoning. In her work with teachers, she promotes a teaching through problem-solving approach to mathematics learning, using the Big Math Idea (backwards design) as a framework for supporting diversity and facilitating assessment for learning.
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