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TRSS is engaging students in their learning

Students at Tumbler Ridge Secondary School had the opportunity last year to participate in a five-month project building go karts. The project brought together teachers, students, industry, community, and civil leaders. The students not only learned how to build go karts, they also learned how to work as a team, put together a plan, analyze and assess criteria, develop strategies, communicate, and problem solve which is all related to the education curriculum.

The Industry Training Authority (ITA) supported the project by providing funds through a Yes To It grant. ITA also created a video of the event which showcases the project and includes testimonials from students, SD59 Career Team members, ITA and industry leaders.  Check out the YouTube video.

Notice from SD59 Transportation Department

For the safety and comfort of all students, it is advised students have appropriate winter apparel (winter coats, hand, head and foot wear) while riding the bus. Unknown cirmcumstances and delays may arise at any time and it is important students are dressed appropriately for winter weather. 

Letter to Parents from Minister Fleming

Honourable Rob Fleming, Minister of Education, has written a letter to parents and guardians in regard to the new curriculum implementation, specific to Grades 11 and 12.  Minister Fleming has added an additional year for the transition to be completed.

"As Minister of Education, it is one of my top priorities to ensure all students experience a seamless transition to the new curriculum.  That is why we are adding an additional year of transition time to bring in the Grade 11-12 curriculum - now all students will be using it starting in September 2019. The grade 10 curriculum will be implemented as planned in September 2018...With this extra year, we will ensure teachers have what they need to support students as they develop the skills they need to transition smoothly to the post-secondary institutions and jobs of their choice."


Getting a Strong Start in SD59

StrongStart is a program helping children grow and learn from their most influential teacher, their parents; preparing them for kindergarten and the rest of their lives.  The DCSS South Peace Campus Video Production 12 class toured some of the centres in SD59 to check out how the learning happens!


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The StrongStart program is running on schedule.