Bus Route Information

Dawson Creek
Route Area Driver
#1 Tate Creek (Secondary) Tomslake/Tupper Theresa Pohl
#2 Alaska Highway Highway 97 North to 216 Road Keith Trail
#3 South Dawson South Dawson Creek Stacy Vernal
#5 Kilkerran Kilkerran Greg McNabb
#6 Fellers Heights (Secondary) Arras Laurie Kurbis
#7 East Pouce East Pouce/Briar Ridge Brandy Cantrill
#9 Doe River (Elementary) Doe River/Rolla Nelson Sheppard
#14 Willowbrook Sunrise Valley/Parkland Lynne Bedell
#16 Tomslake (Secondary) Tomslake/Highridge Road Donna Regner
#18 Doe River (Secondary) Doe River/Rolla
#19 West Dawson Reasbeck Road/Kenzie Sub Lorelei Francis
#20 Sunset Prarie (Elementary) Progress Laurie Lineham
#24 Lakeview 8 Street North/Coleman Creek Nancy Deak
#25 Hays Old Edmonton Highway Ed McCullough
#27 Fellers Heights (Elementary) Upper Cutbank/Fellers Heights Mel Regner
#28 Willowbrook (Secondary) 212 Road West of Highway 97 North Wally Yaciw
#29 Farmington Farmington/Parkland Brian Landry
#30 Pouce Coupe Blockline Road North to Pouce Coupe Kevin Chapman
#32 Tower Lake Highway 97 North to 228 Road Kevin Omilon
#33 Arras (Secondary) Arras/208 Old Hart Highway Sabrina Bergeron
#34 Groundbirch (Elementary) Groundbirch/Steward Lake Echo Potvin
#36 Parkland (Elementary) Bessborough/Parkland Dayna Fowler
#38 Arras (Elementary) Arras/Livingston RD/Bedell RD Sally Kinch
#41 Devereaux Devereaux Brent Walker
#44 Dawson Creek Dawson Creek In-Town Shelia Benterud
#46 Bear Mountain Ski Hill/McKinnon Sub/Prince Sub Jocelynn Proctor
#47 Tuscola Mountain Groundbirch/Progress Rosi Miether
#48 West Pouce Berry Road/Rocky Mountain Sub Ralph Wiebe
#50 Kiskatinaw Labelle Sub/226 Rd. South to Parkland Doug Torsti
#53 Riverside Riverside Rachelle Roach
Route Area Driver
#13 Hasler HWY 97 South, West of Chetwynd Colleen Brogan
#15 East Pine HWY 97 South, to East Pine Bridge Jamie Collins
#17 Sukunka HWY 29 to Tumbler Ridge Carla Dempsey
#21 Boucher Lake Boucher Lake Road to Chetwynd Gwen Finn-Potter
#22 Waters Rd / Kurjata HWY 97 South, west of Chetwynd North Side of HWY Raelene Belcher
#23 Bond Siding Jackfish Lake Road Jackie Neufeld
#26 Lone Prarie Lone Prarie Road to Chetwynd Chelsea Roberts
#39 Moberly Lake Moberly Lake Elementary Rose Duggan
#40 Jackfish Jackfish Lake Road to Clark Drive, South to Chetwynd Brenda l'Anson
#45 Wabi Hill Wabi Estates, Bedell Drive, Spruce Road Fred Knowles
#51 Wildmare HWY 97 South, Wildmare to Chetwynd Teresa Micha
#52 Lakeview South Moberly Kaylin Gansevles
#54 West Moberly HWY 29 North, to West Moberly Road to Chetwynd Melanie James
Erase Bullying

Erase is all about building safe and caring school communities. This includes empowering students, parents, educators and the community partners who support them to get help with challenges, report concerns to schools, and learn about complex issues facing students.

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Don Titus StrongStart will be closed until a qualified Early Childhood Educator is hired as the StrongStart Facilitator.


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